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Get Extra Points and SAVE

Loyalty Program

This Program is  SO Aggressive it has eaten the other sales. That was a not so clever way to say we will be
discontinuing THC Tuesday, BULK Thursday, Happy Hour, Wake N Bake 
and the Seniors Discount, however we promise it will more than make up for it!



We have been part of the community of Highland Park for decades and couldn't be more pleased to open up. Its been a long road but we are more committed than ever to promoting cannabis as the positive force that it is. We know that it is more than just a recreational pastime for many. We are welcoming all to embrace what good may come from learning about cannabis. Whether you are green to cannabis or a veteran we  look forward to lending our  knowledge to ensure everyone has their best possible experience. 

Owner - HB


Phone: 587-291-9717

Highland Buds is Calgary's Premier Cannabis store located in Calgary Alberta Canada

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