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Calgary Cannabis Store

OUR story

Embrace The Bud.


We are not selling an image, lifestyle or promises. We are a family owned local Cannabis retailer that listens; providing your products how you like them. We provide quality products, variety and helpful advice at competitive prices.

Our family has been in Highland Park for decades and we are pleased to now offer services through our retail cannabis location. Our store is a positive face on an industry that should have been legalized long ago. Our commitment is  deeply rooted in the belief and knowledge of the positive force that cannabis truly is. Our aim as a Cannabis Store is to improve the quality of your life through proper, respectful cannabis use.

We Provide Recreational Cannabis & Accessories in Calgary Alberta
Visit our FAQ Page for answers to specific Questions
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We are committed to providing information and product experience to our customers



We are a community Based Cannabis store. 


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Experience, excellent products and  useful advice. 


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